What will be a Relic in 50 years?


by Manali Desai

I think Whiteness will be a relic twenty years from now. Perhaps it already is. This is why there are so many movements thrashing about trying to reinstate the cen- tral principles that whiteness represents – the impulse to colonize and discipline black and brown people across the globe, the casual use of violence while discussing it over a ‘beautiful piece of chocolate cake,’ and the rise of the alt-right. But everywhere there is interrogation of the privileges associated with whiteness. Look at the movements for de-colonizing the university occurring across different countries. Here at Cambridge there is a tremendous push among students to de-colonize the curriculum. People are fed up.

The EU

by Brendan Simms

Thanks for your enquiry. My relic is ‘The European Union'. Not because I hope that it will be, but because I fear it. Unless the EU can reform itself to become the full politi- cal union necessary to sustain the common currency, the common travel area and the common defence, it risks the fate of Nineveh and Tyre’.